If we were all the same
If we were all the same

(trigger warning) 19 years old// in a relationship with a great guy// very strong Atheist// iv been through a lot including depression, self harm, eating disorders, and I've even been admitted to psych wards against my will, so, if you need to talk I'm here and have a fair bit of experience...

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1. My body is a cemetery
of all the things I never
had the courage to do.

2. My mouth, a graveyard.
Buried six feet under
are all the words that died
on my tongue before
I could say them.

3. These days, my feet
only know how to go backwards.
My arms are
feeling nostalgic
so I’m taking a trip
down memory lane,
I’m visiting all the ghosts
I have left behind. But
they have nothing new to say.
They’re still haunting
the same stories.

My boyfriend and his dad emotionally abuse me is there anything I can do?

So I have pcos and I will have trouble having kids and I was complaining to a friend of mine today that all the trash pop out kids left right and centre and all the nice happy family’s are having trouble having any my friend told me the nicest thing, she said “if all the good parents could have kids then there would be no one to look after the poor kids who don’t have a parent at all” I just cried she has changed the way I look at things completely :,)

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Honestly, at the end of the day if you can’t go to bed content with the way things are then you need to get up and fix it before you sleep. Period.

When you buy tickets for your boyfriends favourite band to take him for his birthday and he arranges to take someone else… Thanks?

Why do I just want to die 24-7???

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