If we were all the same
If we were all the same
(trigger warning) 17 years old// in a relationship with gorgeous loving guy// Atheist// hate sport// hate the beach// hate sunny days// hate christian's// generally hate a lot of things// love love love pinup// iv been through a lot so always here to talk x
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My life is just a bunch of “I’m sorry”s and “it’s okay”

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Help me please :’(

I just need someone to talk to that wont judge me…

I want to cut again so bad…

I live with my boyfriend and his family his dad always treats me like shit, he tells me to just get over it but it gets so hard sometimes last night there was this huge debate about fucking religion and my boyfriend got so mad at me for not letting it go like normal, how can i when hes spouting that im a devil worshiper this morning his mother had a go at me about respect and not to back chat, cant they see that im back on my medication because i cant deal with all of this, how am i supposed to just let it go without it getting me down, basically he can treat me like shit but i cant do anything about it.

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